September 18 2019

Innovation Management

Event organized by Les Événements Les Affaires

September 26 2019
Quebec City

Labour Law and Employment Symposium

Conference organized by Lavery Law Firm

October 1-4 2019
Las Vegas

HR Technology

HRTech conference is one of the largest conferences of the HR industry.

October 2-November 20 2019

Cooperathon Canada

The largest open Innovation Challenge in Canada

October 10 2019

Brand Your Culture

4th edition of the event organized by Pronexia 

Talks in both French and English

October 28-30 2019

Interview and Hire Top Tech Talent In Person

Also in Toronto, Vancouver et Calgary

October 30 2019


TRUQuébec is back for their 4th edition at Laval University in Quebec City

November 6-7 2019

Conférence Les Affaires Pénurie de talents

Conference in French 

November 7 2019


ACCRO est un laboratoire d’activations de marque qui vous permet de stimuler vos idées pour vos projets de communication, de marketing expérientiel et d’événementiel. 

November 13 2019
Waterloo, ON

Conférence Art of Talent

Art of Talent is a national, one-day conference that is dedicated to helping talent acquisition leaders hire top technology professionals in the heart of the Creative Capital of Canada. Through hands-on workshops, professional keynotes, and networking opportunities, Art of Talent is designed to support the nation’s top talent advocates in the tech space.