Linkedin Last news: #hiring

You most probably know about the LinkedIn option for #opentowork job seekers, which allows you to appear in search without changing your position title.

Mathieu Laferriere, who constantly scans the news emanating from LinkedIn, recently discovered that we will now be able to display a similar photo frame to advise that we are hiring. Just go to the profile section, under the “Add profile section”tab.

Hello Talent: Recruitment, Made Simple

Hello Talent is a plateform that facilitates the recruitment activities. Talentsoft, who has developped Hello Talent, is well established in France for more than 10 years now. They have recently opened a new office in Montreal, leaded by Thomas Papin


This is MY employee! These are OUR employees!

First article of the year, a first collaboration with us from by Eric Belair, thank you Eric!

I take advantage of this possibility to offer you our best wishes. May the next twelve months be filled with discoveries, encounters, smiles, and of course learnings;)


This is MY employee! These are OUR employees!

The Recruiter's Manifesto

At #trumontreal 2017, we opened the edition with a plenary session. With the firm intention of inspiring recruiters, all participants were invited to present their point of view and collectively state the founding principles of the profession: the Recruiter's Manifesto.