A recruiting school, possible in Quebec?

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My dream :)


Laurent Brouat and his team at Link Humans announced it during the #trusourcing mid-September in Paris. The recruitment school will indeed open in Paris. If I'm jealous? And how !


#trusourcing is like #trumontreal, but on sourcing (I know, it's obvious ...). A group of more than 200 passionate about the issue to discuss on the subject all day. And yes, sourcing is in, and it deserves its event.


Something special happened this year, as if the doctor found his place, assumed it, and could finally claim his skills and status. Sourcing becomes a profession! And I started to finally feel a certain pride on the part of the participants!


Nicolas Galita at Link Humans, and his sometimes disturbing reflections, has even jostled the work of the recruiter (or HR). He has indeed desacralized the physical interview, declaiming among others, that the probability rate of positive results after an interview is only 14% stronger than chance .... It is impossible for us to detect the lie, we are not mentalists!


If you have already discussed with me, you know how much I cherish the job of recruiter, one of the most beautiful in all objectivity;) Exciting work, varied, made of meetings of communication, listening, values ​​and benevolence, while focusing on results, marketing, digital ... we can not find more complete?


I come back to Laurent's announcement. His school will be a place of exchange, training for new diplomas or reconversion, gathering, collective reflection.


I've been thinking about it for years too, creating a tailor-made training, a school, a school, where we do not give but where we give hunger, where we learn to manage the unexpected, where we have the right to make mistakes, where we could involve companies, a multi-pedagogical school, where we could think together about everything that becomes our profession. If I were a philanthropist, the school would already be created :) For candidly I admit it high, I did not find the business model associated with it. I would be more than interested in your opinion on the issue and the viability of such a project.

I congratulate Laurent and all his team (and what a team!) To embark on this adventure. You have all my support across the Atlantic. Long live the school of recruitment, we follow you!

And if you want to chat with real-life sources, we'll have some pros at #trumontreal. The Sourcinc team will have a few of its experts present, and the sourcing champion Guillaume Alexandre from Sourcon will also be happy to come from Switzerland for the event. I warn you, it's a bit, a real :)

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