Recruitement: 6 easy solutions

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Yes yes, there are still free solutions for posting and sourcing candidates!

I propose you several today, to adapt according to the positions to be filled

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Site d'emploi Québec

The site's interface is unfriendly, I grant you! But Placement en ligne is more than 12 million visits a year, more than 34,000 visits a day. It is by far the leading SEO site in Quebec in terms of recruitment. It turns out to be a very effective site for first-level post posting.

Tip: Do not forget to refresh your display regularly so that it remains at the top of the list of posts.




Site web de Kijiji       Site web LesPAC

Both classified ad sites, they also offer an employment section. Again, these sites are more effective for top level positions. Be cautious, the number of displays can however be limited.


  • Social networks

Logos de réseaux sociaux

Of course social networks. Without invading your Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn or Twitter feed, (because too much is not enough!) You allow your subscribers and employees to easily relay information, Be creative!


Search for candidates

Using paid version of Linkedin is not always necessary to carry out research of candidates. It can be useful for sharing information between managers and recruiters in large companies but is far from essential.

Recherches sur Google et Bing

Doing a search on LinkedIn (in free version) will only give you results in your wider network. Google (or Bing) are therefore better choices for a more exhaustive list. It is however necessary to know the Boolean techniques.



Recherche sur Indeed

Not only is the search engine very simple, but you also have access to resumes and can send an email to selected candidates.


Did you know ? Emploi Québec offers a bank of more than 115,000 applications. These must have been updated in the last 30 days. The search is simplified there, by keywords of minimum 4 letters, and by region.


Site web de Emploi Québec


A search engine that does the job of Boolean search for you! With an accessible interface and easy to use, it allows you to search in LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter ... The advantage is that they are extended to the entire platform and not only to your network. The number of candidates is not limited either. You can also save your searches.


Moteur de recherche Recruitem


Do you know WOM

To consider, above all! You will never replace the good old word of mouth. Your positions must first and foremost be communicated and shared by your employees, colleagues, friends, network ... According to the WES (Labor Market Survey and Employees) Statistics Canada, referencing can reach up to 70% in rates efficiency. To use without moderation !

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Othe ideas?


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