Recruit on Twitter? Possible thanks to TacticsHR

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Do you use Twitter to recruit? Not always easy to do research is not it? TacticsHR, a Canadian company based in Halifax makes it easy for us. An interview with Tim Burke, co-founder of TacticsHR.


How was the HR Tactics project born?

Our company was looking for talented developers. To find them, we used traditional methods such as Linkedin, online postings, etc. We also decided to look at Twitter as another source of research. People do not always put their skills in their bio which does not facilitate research in an optimal way. We developed a program that allowed us to search by keywords in bio, rentals and interests in Twitter. Through this program we found our first developer. The demonstration was made, that's where TacticsHR was born. !

Can you tell us more about your product?

TacticsHR is a powerful search engine for Twitter. It provides Boolean search capabilities for keywords and placements in bios for more than 500 million Twitter users. It allows to do research on the interests of each one, as well as on those who follow to be followed by the user. We believe talent is coming together on Twitter and helping us find strong candidates. TacticsHR also allows you to explore other people in their network to find other potential candidates.

What are the particularities of your platform?

Our customers can use all Boolean search capabilities (keywords and location) in more than 500 million organic Twitter users. It is also possible to filter by whom / what users follow or by whom / what they are followed on Twitter. Once the wanted candidates are identified, it's easy to create a new list or add them to an existing list within TacticsHR. These lists can be modified over time and can be exported directly to Twitter as public or private lists.

How do you ensure the loyalty of your customers?

We've come up with a great product that provides a unique solution for sourcers and recruiters looking for talent on Twitter. We believe this is a solution that recruiters / sourcers will use on a regular basis, much like Linkedin. Our development and continuous product improvement make our product a leader in this market. We already receive a lot of comments from our beta users and we have had several customers referred by other users who really liked our product.

What are your biggest challenges?

We had some difficulty convincing recruiters / sourcers that Twitter recruitment is possible. Many in this market tend to believe that Linkedin is the only solution and they doubt that they can find a very good talent using Twitter. We believe that Twitter is an untapped source that has a lot to offer.

How do you see the evolution of your product?

We have in mind several new features that we plan to integrate over the next few months. A feature will allow customers to automatically find more potential candidates similar to those they have on one of their lists. We also plan to incorporate a feature that will allow recruiters to identify how they are connected to a candidate through their existing Twitter network (just like Linkedin's path). This will help to better understand how people can communicate with a candidate by leveraging their existing Twitter network. We are also implementing an enterprise version that will provide administrative and control functionality for larger organizations.

Thanks to Nathalie Carrénard, head hunter emeritus, for introducing me to TacticsHR

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