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Another ATS *? Well, yes, again! But when it is developed locally, it is necessary to speak about it :) And it is always fascinating to discuss it with Saïd! As a former manager, Saïd Radhouani, Nextal's co-founder, has recruited a lot of people in the IT field and knows the stakes.

* ATS: Applicant tracking system

Said, can you introduce yourself?

For the short version, I am an entrepreneur passionate about new technologies and team building.

My goal is to build an international company with a world-class talent team that shares the same passions.

How was the Nextal project born?

In my last job, my mandate was to train a team of 70 people in very specialized fields. I quickly realized that it was not possible for human resources to do the sole job of recruiting the experts I was looking for. They had neither the necessary domain knowledge nor the tools to be effective. I therefore involved myself in recruitment by spending half of my time there.

My associates, Mickaël and Pablo, were key members of my team. Together with other members, we set up a collaborative recruitment process. 30 months later, we had a strong team of 70 talents with a turnover rate close to zero and an internal referral rate higher than 70%.

It had become clear to us that recruitment was not just about recruiters.

After this success, Mickaël presented me his work on a recruitment software that he developed on his free time. That's when the idea of ​​building Nextal was born.

Weeks after weeks, our passion grew and our project took shape. A few months later, Pablo officially joined us and we started our adventure.

There are many ATS on the market, how does Nextal stand out?

Indeed ! There are many TTYs and I do not pretend to know them all to say with certainty how Nextal stands out. However, most of those I know are generic TTYs for which every customer has to compromise to adapt to them.

In discussing with several recruiters from different industries, 2 problems seemed obvious to me:

  • Some recruiters pay dearly for a solution that contains too many features that are not necessary and do not serve them well.
  • Some recruiters have basic needs that are not supported by generic TTYs.

Based on these two findings, we wanted to develop solutions that adapt to the industry of our customers and respond very precisely to their needs.

We also found that many customers needed technological advice to put in addition a recruitment solution that contains more than a TTY.

To meet this need, we offer our customers professional service to help them implement complete recruitment solutions (eg development of a career site or a job board, "social sourcing", etc.), We accompany our customers as a business partner to help them integrate our solutions and achieve tangible results.

Profil Nextal

You mention Nextal being a collaborative platform. How is this characterized?


Recruitment is not just about HR or recruiters. The active collaboration between the recruiter, the manager, and his team is essential to successfully hire the right resource, retain it long enough, and engage it.


Our solutions are ideally suited to put forward co-operation as well as collaboration between colleagues in order to capitalize on each other's strengths and engage the best talents.


Our platform allows all actors in the recruitment process to participate in an intuitive way. All interviews, comments, communications, etc. are managed inside our platform and accessible by everyone. Detailed reports on recruitment performance are provided to help decision-makers make optimal and timely decisions.

Liste de candidats

How do you see your platform evolve?


We strongly believe that to create a platform that customers love, we need to develop the DNA of our company by putting the customer at the center of all our decisions.


 At Nextal, our passion for creating great products is reflected in everything we do: the development process we follow, our product design methodology, every line of code we write, or the way our sales team approaches our customers.


Keeping things simple, transparent and straightforward for both our clients and our team is our "mantra". We defend openness in communication, responsibility and teamwork.


Saïd, you're not from the HR world, what's your view on recruiting today, and how do you see it evolve?


It's true, I'm not from the HR community, but I have a passion for team building and talent identification. I did it all along my career, which helped me to understand the job of the recruiter.


Recruitment is a very demanding profession. To be effective, recruiters must be skilled at many levels: business, new technologies, relationships, sales, etc. With the constant changes that we are experiencing in the digital age and the increasingly pressing demands of managers, the recruiter's job becomes even more difficult.


As I said earlier, recruiting is not just about the recruiter. Organizations should be proactive and think differently about recruiting: adapting the process, involving internal teams, adopting new technologies, using analytics to make decisions, and so on. With a proactive approach and a well-established strategy, HR can move from a cost center to a profit center.


Recruitment is not changing fast enough because of its complexity and lack of investment in organizations. There will be more and more technological solutions to change recruitment -Nextal is one of those technologies that will transform the recruiter's experience and make it more effective and enjoyable.


With recent advances in artificial intelligence, I am confident that much of the recruitment process can be automated. However, I firmly believe that the human aspect can never be replaced by the machine. The job of the recruiter will exist forever, and the future will be much better than the present - it is our commitment to Nextal.

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