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You most probably know about the LinkedIn option for #opentowork job seekers, which allows you to appear in search without changing your position title.

Mathieu Laferriere, who constantly scans the news emanating from LinkedIn, recently discovered that we will now be able to display a similar photo frame to advise that we are hiring. Just go to the profile section, under the “Add profile section”tab.


Interesting bonus: this also allows us to post an ad, free of charge, for 1 month.

So why not take advantage of it!!!

I couldn’t test it because I don’t have the functionality yet, but Mathieu did it for us. He went ahead and posted a fictitious ad for an Administrative Assistant in the Montreal region. He was able to do this in just a few clicks.


We can confirm that he hasn’t gotten any requests for payment. Within 10 minutes, he had received around 10 applications.


What’s more, this functionality isn’t dependent on what version you’re using - Recruiter licence or “free” mode.

Looking forward to your feedback on this feature: keep me posted!

In other news, here’s the most recent update: You may have noticed in your news feed that some posts older than a week are only showing up only today. Well, yes, the algorithm changed again about a month ago. When you post, you may get a lot of views and likes at the beginning. Then suddenly, it stops. LinkedIn will for its part validate whether, even if not published, the article will continue to generate “likes”, which would in fact be false “likes” (these are generated by groups of people who distribute false likes and false comments, called “pods”). Otherwise, the publication will start again a few days later, hence the rise in the old publications thread.

Mathieu is constantly repeating it to us: bear in mind that the algorithm is forever changing. . . Let’s not go crazy over this! Stay tuned, and above all, measure the reach of your publications. We’re still pretty much in “test” mode with Linkedin.

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