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Infopress Forum

For the third year in a row, Infopresse organized its Employer Brand Forum in October. This year's theme: Attract, Recruit, Retain: New Strategies.

9 conferences followed one another all the day. Of course, we talked about the basis of an employer brand, recruitment issues in Quebec, the aging of the population, near-full employment, the social context ... Today, mobility is becoming the norm, and the job search is almost permanent. We admire entrepreneurship, we seek fulfillment, professional and personal, we focus on the true values ​​of the company and transparency is required. The "walk the talk" has become the norm, or in good Quebec, the boots must follow the chops!

Apart from the generic aspects, I retained some concepts of this day. Rather than give you a written report, I went to ask a few questions to three participants / speakers present:

We start with Jean-Baptiste Audrerie, Executive Director for IBM Kenexa, and blogger on Future Talents, participant of the day, to get his opinion:



Marie-Ève ​​Bernard, Director of Talent for Diagram was speaker and spoke about Artificial Intelligence, and its changes that will impact our work.



Finally, Arnaud Pottier-Rossi, CEO of Kalaapa, French brand communication agency, HR communication, public relations and media, spoke about the unpopularity with advice to make its employer brand attractive. He talked to us about a concept that I let you discover:



Thanks to all three for your intervention :)


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