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A return to real life! This week, HR Tech is back in Montréal. Event organized by Horizons RH, a few companies will present their new solutions for HR. 
On our part, we will be more concentrated on Recruitment solutions. We will start today with Lana Khoury, founder of Aukazi.

Lana, can you tell us about your background? What led you to create Aukazi?
I’ve always been intrigued by what makes candidates the right fit for the role and company culture. Working in HR for over a decade and it still puzzles me. Our recruitment processes have not changed much since I first started my career. Now a days with all of our advancements, and technologies at our disposal, why haven’t we been able to hire people more rapidly?

We live in such a fast-paced world and yet our recruitment processes are not adapting. We conduct numerous interviews assessing risk and opportunity in each candidate, and sometimes losing your first-choice candidate because of these exact processes we have in place.  
With this shift in our new age of technology, companies are losing the same exact thing they are trying to save. TIME.  
Finding good workers willing to work in operational roles is not easy, with increasing education levels and our aging population. Employers have been faced with many challenges especially in labor shortages. 

One employer just recently told me that if the candidates shows up to the interview, they are hiring them on the spot. Now with this in mind I created AUKAZI. We want to connect companies with workers on demand, on the go, instantly. Attracting this workforce is very different today than it used to be. 

With the supply chain issues we face, the shortage of labor our industry is going through, along with fact that workers are looking for more flexibility, starting Aukazi just made sense. 
Concretely, how does Aukazi work? To whom is your service addressed? 
Aukazi is striving to offer companies with operational flow, ensuring they have the right amount of staff at all times.
We are the new job posting marketplace that allows companies to post their short term jobs in general labor, for vetted regional workers to take! 
When a job is posted, our workers will receive a notification. They have the option to accept or decline the job based on work location, time and date, and if they possess the right capabilities. They can confirm their attendance directly through the platform. Once a job is accepted companies will receive a notification of the workers attendance and name. All scheduling and paying are directly made through the site.  
Now let's talk about ratings! Our system allows companies and workers to rate each other. These ratings will control the quality of the output by giving prioritiy visibility to higher rated workers. Furthermore, the ratings submitted by workers enables us to partner with companies on aspects they could do to be better employers!  


Aukazi 3

So you assess the candidates. On which criteria do you make the selection? 

To join workers have to download our Aukazi mobile app. They create their profile and enter their information on their skill sets and work preferences. Before they are able to take jobs an Aukazi specialist will be in contact with them. They will do an evaluation and an on boarding with the worker.  
Our specialist will evaluate on:  
•    their communication skills,  
•    explain to them how the platform works,  
•    describe how they have their own brand to manage on the app: being able to take a job with a few clicks is a privilege and the real ask here is reliability. If a worker commits to a job, they must show up. Life happens and sometimes a cancellation is required. However, Aukazi has no tolerance for workers who do not show up and do not communicate a cancellation.  

You are the one who manages the payroll. What are the costs for the company?

We pay our workers market competitive and flat rates per job. Employers are only charged on an hourly basis, when workers take their jobs. Aukazi takes care of all the payroll and insurance requirement. Given the automation in the platform, Aukazi is able to offer companies high savings in their staffing costs. There are currently no signup or posting fees associated! Employers only pay if they hire.  

Aukazi 2

We are currently in a lower candidate market. How do you attract candidates to your platform?

Aukazi is attracting reliable and willing workers in select employers regions. Many different ways are used to attract top talent:  
•    Traditional posting with easy application process 
•    Social media content and advertising: we advertise the jobs on the platform.  
•    Community engagement on various platforms 
•    We offer a great referral bonus program, enticing our users to bring their friends onto the platform as well. 

You are in the early stages of your activities. What functions would you like to develop? 

We are always looking to further develop our employer to worker matching capabilities and strive to pay our workers based on performance. We want to continue to build our community with flexible workers and companies! 
We hope to one day be a badge of honor to all employers. The possibilities are endless. It’s time for change. It’s time for Aukazi. 

Lana will present Aukazi at HR Tech on April 14th at 3pm.

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