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Hello Talent is a plateform that facilitates the recruitment activities. Talentsoft, who has developped Hello Talent, is well established in France for more than 10 years now. They have recently opened a new office in Montreal, leaded by Thomas Papin

Hello Talent, developed by Talentsoft, has been around for a few years in France. Can you describe for us the path the company has followed?

Talentsoft was created a little over 10 years ago by 3 founding members. Its mission is to support its customers in the digitization of HR processes: recruitment, performance management and training. Talentsoft has pioneered SAAS and Cloud solutions. It expanded this way and evolved the product in co-construction mode with its clients. We always develop new modules in collaboration with our customers. The platform is now available in 27 languages and has more than 10 million users (2/3 of whom are abroad, outside of France). It raised $ 50M in January 2019 to accelerate its growth internationally.

About 3 years ago, at the request of our customers, the idea of ​​developing a module dedicated to recruitment for Hello Talent appeared.

Can you describe the platform?

Hello Talent has to do with the management of the candidate relationship. We want to make the candidates want to come, and allow for reactivity in the process with dynamic and stimulating communication. This helps develop the candidate experience. The platform is therefore not limited to sourcing: there’s also the whole issue of the relationship.

It is based on SAAS technology and very easy to use. You can add profiles in a few clicks, no need to copy and paste, and everything can also be done with the extension. You can create recruitment campaigns, and you can send either mass or personalized emails. The platform allows a 360-degree view of the conversation with the candidate, no matter who in the team communicates with the person. All comments are available to everyone, and everything is available via mobile app.


In a nutshell, how does it work?

Hello Talent is a recruiting and CRM platform that aims to make the life of the recruiter easy and streamline the recruiting process, to engage in better conversations with candidates, on mobile and/or on the site, and to be able to collaborate easily with one’s team.

You can create guest accounts with limited rights, for hiring managers as an example, who can add comments. You can also create a recruitment page, even a completely customizable career site.


In such a competitive market in terms of tools for recruiters, what makes you stand out?

We are a simple recruiting tool. There is no integration costs, no need for training. Hello Talent focuses on the candidate experience, which is not the case for ATSs. We are not at all in the process: the tool grows with the recruiter. Moreover, Talentsoft gives HR the ability to choose a unique partner in Hello Talent.

You recently opened offices in Montréal. What are your observations regarding our market?

We’ve been operating in Montréal for a year now and are a full-time team of 3. We’re satisfied with our first year of operation. We’re targeting the SME market: the Québec market is an interesting one and has responded well. The talent war is tougher in Québec than in Europe due to a very low unemployment rate. Talent retention is an important issue. Upon our arrival we were surprised by the appetite there is for technology and the dynamic character of the HR startup ecosystem. We were also surprised that the proposed HR solutions are not always necessarily multilingual although we are in a bilingual universe.

What are Hello Talent ambitions? What are the next steps?

Having proposed several features to our users in 2018 so that they may easily comply with personal data regulation (including the RGPD), it was important for us to also offer them the opportunity to monitor their recruitment performance. We are therefore launching an “Analytics” feature at the beginning of 2019.

A big thank you to Thomas and Marion Goazempis for having been king enough to answer our questions.

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