The Genesis of the School

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Ladder towards the sky

La Source Humaine is getting better!

Always a recruiter at heart, it's been almost 10 years that, as a certified trainer, I have given workshops and training in recruitment (sourcing, candidate approach, interview techniques and more ...).

I have already written about it a few times in this blog, I have certainly talked on the subject with many of you and mentioned it at #trumontreal 2017, I dream of a more generic and advanced training in our industry. 'activity.


Aware of cooptation, I am temaming up with two competitors (I love the idea;) to create Les Sources Humaines, the School of Recruitment. It is above all a collaborative project, with the objective of professionalizing our formidable profession.

Sourcinc and Corto-Rev, with whom we share common values, both professional and personal, have always shared this vision.

We will also have an advisory committee of experts, because we believe in the strength of the number and specializations of each.

Les Sources

Les Sources Humaines, is above all a collaborative platform in which you can continue to read articles on recruitment, and news, events related to our field, new job opportunities and movements, our training, and our events including #trumontreal - next #true November 14th, save the date.

Our goal is also to give back to the community, and we will keep you informed of our project launch, which is particularly important to us.


In short, lots of ideas, openness, smiles, no ego, open to reflection, suggestions and always available to discuss.



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