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Great first in Montreal with finally a Fair dedicated to HR technologies! Organized by Horizons RH, I contacted Jean-Baptiste Audrerie to tell me more about it.


Jean-Baptiste, why an HR Tech show in Montreal?

Most often, if you want to keep track of HR technological solutions, you have to go to the United States or Europe. We’ve been missing an event dedicated to HR technologies for a long time. There’s clearly something happening where digital transformation of the HR function is concerned. And recruiter skills are evolving as relates to strategy, influence[Nd1] [TS(2] [Nd3] [Nd4] , marketing and technology.

Among the companies present, what will be the share of talent acquisition solutions?

Out of the 45 exhibitors, we wanted to have a wide range of talent attraction and acquisition solutions. Issues relating to labour scarcity are pushing organizations to revamp their candidate experience with mobile, easy-to-use solutions. Participants will have an opportunity to attend demonstrations and exchange on three types of solutions.

First, cutting-edge solutions that specifically address a recruitment need. Of course, there are the ATSs, but also the TRMs, a new segment that manages recruitment marketing much in the way a CRM does with customers. Among these solutions, you will be able to meet innovative start-ups and more established solutions that integrate artificial intelligence. Some automate profile analysis and others match candidates with jobs. SMEs with a seasonal or fast-growing workforce really benefit from using these solutions.

We then find ten or so solutions of the Integrated Talent Management System type (ITMSs). These suites are entirely dedicated to talent management, i.e., they handle the entire talent life cycle (“Hire to Retire”). The key characteristic of these solutions lies in the fact that they are extremely rich in functionality. They can effectively manage talent by introducing best practices in terms of employee appreciation, growth and advancement. SMEs and large corporations with solid and efficient HR-Payroll systems alike appreciate these flexible and sophisticated talent management solutions.

The last segment is the multifunctional HR-Payroll and Talent platforms. Like the ATSs and the ITMS recruiting modules, ​​they are used to recruit but they also provide pre-boarding and on-boarding functionality. The advantage is that they do everything from first pay to retirement. Organizations that want to integrate and unify the HR function are jumping towards these powerful solutions.


This is meant to be a hands-on event: can you explain how participants will interact?

HR Tech Montreal was designed with the help of a steering committee that brought together several leaders in the HR technology industry. From the first meetings in April of 2018, it was clear that we were looking to adopt an educational and a proximity approach.

Over 20 conferences and demonstrations—led by HRIS specialists—are being offered throughout the day on April 4th.

It will also be possible to solicit coaching appointments with experts in all key areas: payroll, analytics, time management, recruitment, training, performance management, engagement, skills assessment.

Finally, we wanted to put forward locally bred emerging companies. Six of them will be on hand to present new recruitment and compensation management solutions.

On Wednesday, April 3rd, we will inaugurate the 1st HR Tech Montréal show with a networking cocktail, which will be an excellent opportunity for participants to meet suppliers and put questions to them in a relaxed atmosphere.

Do you see any notable innovations among the solutions present?

Among the nice surprises, it should be noted that start-ups and advanced recruitment solutions can offer amazing capabilities for a very reasonable price. SMEs shouldn’t hesitate to equip themselves properly. Equality is on the way.

Insofar as the evolution of the recruiter function goes, we can clearly see the sourcing and marketing functions being automated and integrated in order to avoid losing information about candidates between a handshake at a trade show and that person’s personalized integration 2 months later.

Video interviews and self-service tools to let candidates choose their appointments based on available times are also growing.

At the purely technological level, artificial intelligence is being integrated into tools to identify the most relevant profiles, to semantically extract information from CVs or to respond in natural language via chat with candidates on your career site. Machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence, can push job offers to candidates based on their interactions with geolocated job suggestions.

You also need to see the more comprehensive talent management solutions that demonstrate the value of integration to deliver a seamless experience for your candidates and employees. Too often, organizations don’t know their employees and aren’t aware of their talent. With these solutions, organizations can demonstrate that talent and culture are valuable and unique assets.

HR analytics is not a new capability but it has matured. You will see 4 specific analytics platforms that can help you further your strategic workforce planning and understand the level of efficiency of your recruitment processes and campaigns. You’ll also see dashboards and indicators natively installed in both high-end and lower-end solutions.


There are many solutions on the market. How do you select the solution most suited to your needs? What questions should one ask?

Among the 45 exhibitors, we selected suppliers who are all present in the Canadian French-speaking market. They offer services to help you implement their solution, and these are ones which we know and are appreciated by a great many customers.

The HR technology market is now global and extremely vigorous. It almost offers more innovations and capabilities than HR services can currently implement in their organizations. So, it’s a good thing to get back to basics: assess your needs based on your goals and business processes. Then you have to evaluate both the functional capabilities of the solution and your supplier’s strength and vision.

In my opinion, the three questions to ask at a show to help you choose a recruitment platform are:

  • Can you show me a rendering of your mobile solution for the candidates? This question is essential because most candidates start or continue the recruitment process via their phone. If this function is deficient, your recruitment process for the coming years will already be outdated.
  • Is your solution available in SaaS mode, that is to say, cloud-hosted? This question is essential if you want to simplify maintenance and evolve as quickly as your provider as it updates your solution, like your phone.
  • What candidate information does your solution capture? This question is about how the solution will help you have a better understanding of the incoming talent and help you better measure your talent acquisition activities.
  • What functions can you automate by way of this platform? You will need to know what are the solution’s capabilities of handling text data and want to identify the information flow functionalities that will help to save you time.

Thank you Jean-Baptiste! I am looking forward to it! Will you be there ?Let's meet on April 3rd and 4th at the Palais des congrès.


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