DAXTRA: a powerful tool to boost your ATS

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Following the HR Tech event which took place on April 13th and 14th in Montreal, this is the third and last article in a series focusing on recruitment tools. 
I stopped by DAXTRA’s booth, and had the chance to speak with B.J. Blumenthal, Canada Country Manager.

DAXTRA is a tool you can link to your database to maximize its value. It helps you retrieve, categorize, store, manage, analyze and search for candidates and vacancy data. 

Here are the few questions I asked him:

Tell us about your background. What led you to join Daxtra?

Before joining Daxtra Hong Kong in 2017, I worked for 15 years as a recruiter. I first learned about Daxtra upon meeting their CEO when I was employed with the third-largest Japanese recruitment group, JAC.

My relationship with Daxtra began as I recruited a couple of employees for their Hong Kong office. Then JAC ended up signing on as a client for Daxtra Capture, the recruitment workflow automation product. I was selected to be a part of the regional integration team with colleagues from across Asia thus gaining first-hand knowledge of the solution from the ground up. 

I was extremely impressed with how the solution freed recruiters up to engage with clients and candidates. It removed the requirement to manually load or update candidate details in the ATS which opened up a lot more time for the recruiters. Furthermore, it also ensured that all incoming CVs were getting loaded into the local database and that no duplicate records were being created. Capture tracked the sources from where candidates’ CVs were submitted and put them in lists against the job. This helped gauge which sources provided the most candidates and which job postings/roles were most popular. 

How does Daxtra work? 

Daxtra has a range of recruitment workflow solutions from data entry automation via parsing and capture, a market-leading search solution, a styling and redaction tool and developer components which we license out for development by our clients.

  • Our capture product, Daxtra Capture, automates the loading and updating of incoming CVs and removes the need to manually enter the data. This frees up recruiters’ time to focus on engaging candidates and clients instead of menial data entry. 
  • Daxtra Search Nexus, our search solution, uses natural language processing to simultaneously search local ATS databases and supported external third parties such as job boards and social media. It also includes an automation feature called “Watchdogs,” so users do not need to repeat the same searches over and over again. The system will do it for them. 
  • Our Styler product helps end-users to reformat candidate CVs for presentation to clients. It can also be used to fully anonymize CVs to mitigate bias by redacting information that could trigger an unconscious biased decision.
  • The developer Component solutions we offer are licensed for the use of our parsing or search technology to third parties to use as building blocks in their own product development.


How can it help in sourcing candidates? 

The constant feedback I receive during training sessions for Daxtra Search Nexus is “I can’t believe we had those candidates in our own database!”

Our search solution has been proven time and time again to locate long-forgotten or unknown candidates within our clients’ local database. For external sourcing of candidates, Search Nexus also supports running queries on supported external job boards and social media. We currently support more than 200 job boards and social media networks, worldwide.

Recruiters can use the same query to search for candidates on their local database and external sites from a single UI. Search Nexus also includes automation via the Watchdogs feature which, when enabled by the end-user, will run the searches on the local database and external sites every night and send an email with the list of returned results. 


ATS and CRM are more powerful today than they used to. What does Daxtra add?

ATS and CRM have come a long way in developing what they can do. However, ATS/CRM have many components that need to be developed and maintained. It is unreasonable to expect that they will be able to provide the highest quality for all of the related components due to the related cost and effort involved to keep up to date with the research and development. We have concentrated our efforts on just the sourcing components side of the ATS/CRM. We specialize in these areas and give you the best there is to offer. 

One of the modules in the ATS that requires constant and consistent development is the search feature. For example, while ATS/CRM do have search functions, they will not give you the results the intelligent semantic search functions our Search Nexus product can offer. Our products enhance and boost the power of the ATS/CRM, adding specialized functions you won’t find built-in. A good comparison might be your car. It might come with a functional built-in stereo and speakers. But if you want a great sound system, you go to those who specialize in sound systems and have a customized sound system installed.

When using an ATS, we know we don't use their full potential because the data is usually not updated. Can Daxtra clean up the data in an ATS? How?

Many recruiting professionals don’t use their database to its full potential. There are a few reasons for this. First, they’re not confident in the integrity of the data within their database. And second, because of this, they may have formed the bad habit of relying on outside sources like job boards and social media. These are both costly mistakes. 

Let’s first address data integrity. We can reprocess all candidate records or selected records in a database, by the most recent CV, which will create more enriched records and consistency across the ATS database. The reprocess will also identify duplicate candidate records and records that do not have a CV attached to them. This essentially cleans the existing data within your system. Daxtra Capture can be set up to manage all new incoming data so that it enters the system consistently and efficiently. It enters, either creating a new profile or deduplicating and enriching the data that already exists. This is a very popular service that we offer and is often requested by our new clients to ensure consistency of the data is maintained moving forward. 

Because the data is now deduped, fully enriched and clean, it is easily searched over. With the realization of clean data comes confidence to search over the local database. Searching and more importantly, placing candidates using your own database is going to reduce costs and give you a much better return on your investment.

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